Off to the Chelsea Flower Show! Closed until Saturday May 25th


Chelsea Pensioner Ron Wilkins enjoying the RHS Chelsea Flower Show Credit: Paul Grover

Here today until 4 pm then I am off to the Chelsea Flower Show, in London England and will be closed until Saturday May 25th when the lovely Eve will be looking after the store. Re-opening Thursday through Saturday, May 30th until the end of June.

Sorry for any inconvenience but not that sorry because it’s the Chelsea Flower show!!!!

Ok I might have to plant a peony, after that pic, ants and all.

One Ball Cashmere Blend Ribbed Beenie $12.50

We are still open Mondays until at least the end of February.

Wow make this beenie in Cashmere Virgin Wool hand-dyed for $12.50 in Mineville’s beautiful Cashmere Blend Aran Sock yarn. (pattern has been revised sorry I screwed it up the first time)

Materials needed:

90 metres of Aran weight yarn, 5mm circular and Dpn or just Dpn needles

Cast on 64 stitches and join in the round.

K1P1 for 7 inches

Use centre double decreases over 3 rows to reduce to 8 stitches as follows:  Corrected

Begin one stitch before the end of a row on a purl *, P1K1, P1K1, P1, S1Knitwise, K2tog, PSSO* repeat 8 times for first decrease row

work 3 rows in pattern ending one stitch before beginning of round

*P1K1, P1, S1Knitwise, K2tog, PSSO* repeat 8 times

work 3 rows in pattern ending one stitch before beginning of round

*P1, S1knitwise, K2tog, PSSO* repeat 8 times

work 1 row in pattern

K2tog 8 times

Cinch last 8 stitches and darn in end.

Eh Voila!

To make a slouchy de-stash or add a shorty from the store’s cookie jar for 2 inches of stripes as you wish. Work in pattern for 9 inches before the decrease rows.











Last minute projects #2 under $10

Make this fun hat for $8.99 with one ball of James Brett Rustic Chunky in about 2 hours. IMG_0015

With 8 mm needles DPN or 16 inch circular and DPN

CO 44 stitches and join in the round

Work in rib for 5 rows.

R1-6: Knit 5 rounds, Purl 1 round

R7-15: Knit 4 rounds, Purl 1 round, Knit 4 rounds

R16: P2tog, Purl to last 2 stitches, P2tog (42 stitches)

Decrease rounds

R 17: Knit

R18: *K2tog, Knit 5*, repeat to end of round

R19: Knit

R20: *P2tog Purl 4*, repeat to end

R21: Knit

R22: *K2tog, Knit 3*, repeat to end

R23: Knit

R24: *Purl2 tog, Purl 2* repeat to end

R25: Knit

r26: *K2tog, Knit 1* repeat to end

R27: Knit

R28: P2tog to end (6 stitches)


Draw yarn through 4 stitches, with remaining 2 stitches make and icord with remaining yarn by knitting 2 stitches than slipping the needle to the left and knitting 2 stitches again without turning until all yarn is used. K2tog bind off last stitch. Knot icord into top knot.

















The Sun is out and New Spring Yarns are Here

Wow the sun is shining. Gotta love that Vancouver!

New yarns and pattern books in store from Berroco for Spring.

Berroco Maya

This irresistible chainette blends silky Pima cotton with just a touch of soft baby alpaca.  Super soft, 85% Cotton 15% Alpaca.

Hank Weight: 
50g – 1.75 oz
Hank Length:
137yds – 125m
Knitting Gauge:
5 sts = 1″
20 sts & 28 rows = 4″ (10cm)
Needle Size:
8 (US) / 5 mm
Crochet Gauge:
4 sc = 1″ 16 sc & 21 rows = 4″ (10cm)
Hook Size:
8(H) (US) / 5 mm


Berroco Fuji

The compelling texture and sophisticated silk blend make this machine-washable yarn perfect for warm-weather projects. Elegant and cool for summer; 38% Silk 25% Cotton 22% Rayon / Viscose 15% Nylon

Hank Weight: 
1.75 oz / 50 g
Hank Length:
125 yds / 115 m
Knitting Gauge:
5 sts = 1″
20 sts & 28 rows = 4″ (10cm)
Needle Size:
7 (US) / 4.5 mm
Crochet Gauge:
3.75 sc = 1″
15 sc & 20 rows = 4″ (10cm)
Hook Size:
8(H) (US) / 5 mm

Finished Wedding Blanket (photos)


Well here are some photos of the almost finished Wedding Blanket and all the Blanket helpers except our Baba.

The Blanket has now been received by the bride and groom Janina and Eric, so I can post photos.

It was knit mostly in Berroco Ultra Alpaca with some silk garden squares. The edging was done in Aslan Trends royal Alpaca. Detailing in pin felting was also done with Spiffy’s Hand spun.

Some detailing on the scary forest, the church, the barn, and the dragonflies were added after these photos.  I’ll post photos of those finished squares on flicker.

Thanks Again to Angela, Steve, Donna, Paul, Janet, Stephanie, Susan (who sent squares all the way from England) and Baba.