Final 2 Days blowout sale! 40-60% off

Well the final two days are here.

Fleece Artist Handmaiden yarns are now 40-60% off. Needles now 50 to 60% off, and Cavallini Home now 40% – 50% off.

Also Wool Is Not Enough t-shirts are now $10, beautiful pre-shrunk super soft, brushed cotton. Get them while they last.  All Rowan sample sweaters also now $10.

Open today and tomorrow 12 to 5pm. Cheers!








Final 2 Weeks, Closing May 9th

All manufactured yarns now 60% off

Sorry, in store only.

Everything on the brown shelves and in the baskets is 60% off,  (Teddy1 and Teddy 2 not for sale.)

For those looking to create throw blankets or for people with fibre sensitivities, Comfort and Comfort Chunky are great choices now $3.40 for 100gm. Comfort Dk is great for crafting at $1.98 for 50 gm.

In 100% washable merino, we still have Milla Mia sport, now $3.98 for 50gm, some Baby Merino, as well as Merino Extra Fine Dk, and Merino Aran all from Drops now $2.78 for 50gm

For those who like to knit big and natural, Peruvia Quick 100% highland wool in the large basket is now 5.80 for 100 gm.

We still have some Fabel variegated sock yarns in blue to light blue as well as blue to green and black and white, at $2.38 for 50gms

From Berroco we still have some Vintage Dk, a few balls of Vintage, and Vintage Chunky in Brown. We also have Ultra Alpaca, in dusty pink, one grey, and Ultra Alpaca Chunky in bright blue and a few other colours.

We also still have a few balls of Rowan Frost, One ball of Kidsilk Stripe, Rowan Savannah in pale purple, And three balls of Rowan Pure Wool Worsted in purple and mauve and 5 balls of Rowan Felted Tweed Aran in burgundy.

There are a few balls of other things, some of them quite nice. Come and get them while you can.

Fleece Artist Handmaiden hand-dyed yarns now 30% off


Halo Bundle, now $29.40 reg $42, 800m of two companion dyed yarns, 400m each Merino single and Angel Mohair.

Glow Bundle, now 45.50 reg $65, a luxury bundle of silk mohair and Silk-Linen also 800m companion dyed.

Maiden Hair, 67% silk and mohair, 300m this yarn sings its so beautiful reg $46, now $32.20

Casbah 2 ply lace, regular $35, now $24.50 squishy soft, 525 m, 575 yds of washable Cashmerino perfect for shawls or even socks.

Small amounts of Seasilk, seaweed and silk blend and Lino, linen silk blend, as well as dreamy Cashmere Silk, reg $50, now $35





Cavallini Home 15% off



Images from the Cavallini archive in Italy, printed on beautiful Indian cotton and Linen.

Totes reg 20.95, now $17.80, you know you want one! canvas, square bottom, inner pocket, double seamed, strong and washable

Pouches, reg 17.95, now $12.57, heavy canvas, lined, metal zipper with leather pull great for all your notions.

Tea Towels reg 17.95 now $12.57 these make great gifts and come in their own gift bag. You can’t get just one!


Open Mon, Tues, Wed 12 to 5:30, Friday Sat 12 to 5


Brown yarn and Berroco Vintage, DK, worsted and Chunky now 60% off

Hello Friends. I am still open Mon, Tues 12 to 5:30, Wed 12 to 5, and Friday, Saturday 12 to 5. Closed Thursday and Sunday.

All Brown yarn, (yes the colour) and Berroco Vintage, DK, Worsted and Chunky now 60% of.

At 50% off, there’s still a good selection of Berroco Peruvia Quick and Berroco Comfort. Several colours still available in Milla Mia baby merino, and Berroco Ultra Alpaca Chunky, as well as Berroco Remix.

There’s needle felting fun for the kids, at 50% of and several balls of lovely choices in smaller quamtities.

All of the African baskets are now gone except one at 50% off, but I have a few display baskets and Lantern Moon grass baskets for $10. Some seater samples still available at $15-$20.

Don’t forget all Churchmouse patterns are now $3, All Swan’s Island Patterns are now $2, and all Berroco numbered booklets are now $4.

Open, Manufactured Yarns now 50% off

Hello Friends, I am still open, 7 days a week until April 8th. I will be closed April 9th  and Easter Sunday April 12th and then I will reassess. I will begin going down in hours after that and I will probably be staying open a few days in May, if I have yarn left.

All manufactured yarns are now 50% off. Needles (limited selection) and baskets are 40% off and patterns are $2 and $3, Berroco booklets $4, Norah Gaughan books $6.

Fleece Artist Handmaiden yarns are 20% in store and any yarns or colours can be ordered from me for shipping by the hand dyer, at regular price.

Best to check in, if you just need a needles, as I have very limited inventory, and my supplier is closed.


We are open. Yarn 40% to 50% off

Hello friends, we are still open at the store.  Given that it is such a small store with a big open space in the middle, it is relatively easy to maintain a safe distance of 2m apart. Customers are welcome to wait outside for anyone to leave if they are more comfortable. We also have hand sanitizers and wipes to disinfect between customers. As of now I have been open 7 days but I will reassess on Saturday March 28th and post new hours on Google Maps.

The photo is what’s left of my manufactured yarn inventory with a little bit of overstock I think, in the draws. Interestingly, still lots of grey and black in Ultra Alpaca, two greys in Ultra Alpaca Chunky, and charcoal, grey and  black left in Peruvia Quick, all beautiful natural yarns from Berroco. All are at least 40% off. I will now be selecting yarns with lower inventory to be at 50% off. Baskets and needles are also 40% off.
Fleece Artist Handmaiden is now drop shipping any yarns to customers through their stores. Please email me to inquire.

Open 7 days a week, and over 70’s have 50% OFF regular yarns

wanderlustHello Friends,

I am still open, and will be until I am not allowed to be. Only 5 people maximum fit in the store, so it is under any threshold of concern.

The Little Big Yarn Shop will be open 7 days a week at least until the end of March. Mon-Thursday 12-5:30 pm, Fri 12-5 pm, Saturday 12-5:30 pm and Sunday 12-4 pm. Hours may be extended as needed. Please check back.

Also effective as if today anyone over 70, (or living with someone over 70) will have 50% OFF all manufactured yarns, baskets and needles as of today. All other customers now enjoy 40% OFF all manufactured yarns, baskets, needles and notions.

We will also be extending the 20% off Fleece Artist and Handmaiden Yarns.

As a precaution, we have hand sanitizer as well as disinfectant wipes and use them between customers on the checkout system. The bathroom is now closed to the public. There are never more than about 5 people in the store but if anyone wants to wait outside until the store is clear of other people that can also be accommodated.



I found the missing Vintage Dk

So to my customer last night, just after 5 pm wednesday March 4th, whose name I can’t remember and didn’t record, I found the missing Vintage Dk. Please contact me today so I can put some aside for you. Sorry I’m an idiot sometimes. Seriosuly, there’s only so many places it could have been and I forgot to look in one.

Also now on 40% discount, remaining

Ultra Alpaca Fine sock yarn, 2 greens orange blue and red remaining

Berroco pure wool worsted, only grey and black left,

Drops Polaris, super bulky wool, 2 greys and cream left


Yarn Moving Fast

Wow, what a week last week. I was able to catch my breath yesterday and put out yarn and I emptied 12 buckets. That is astounding. I figue I have about 40 buckets of yarn left, so I may not be open until the end of April. We will see.

New at 50% off Berroco Fuji regular 9.95, now $4.97, a gorgeous silk blend summer worsted weight. I still have a good quamitity in 3 colurs and a fourth colour.

I have also just put out, a lace blocker at 50% off, two yarn holders and a yarn spool, all 50% off.

I still have quamities in Berroco, Peruvia Quick, Ultra Alpaca, and Ultra Alpaca Chunky. Beautiful soft wool, and wool alpaca blends.