Finished Wedding Blanket (photos)


Well here are some photos of the almost finished Wedding Blanket and all the Blanket helpers except our Baba.

The Blanket has now been received by the bride and groom Janina and Eric, so I can post photos.

It was knit mostly in Berroco Ultra Alpaca with some silk garden squares. The edging was done in Aslan Trends royal Alpaca. Detailing in pin felting was also done with Spiffy’s Hand spun.

Some detailing on the scary forest, the church, the barn, and the dragonflies were added after these photos.  I’ll post photos of those finished squares on flicker.

Thanks Again to Angela, Steve, Donna, Paul, Janet, Stephanie, Susan (who sent squares all the way from England) and Baba.




2 thoughts on “Finished Wedding Blanket (photos)

  1. looks awesome.. i am re newing my vows.. just let me know when you can have another of these babies made..;) will set the date for that time..

    1. Yeah I’ve heard that a lot lately. I think it might kill me if I fulfilled all those requests but I am thinking of having an afghan knitting club in the fall so stay tuned.

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