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Thomas C
Winlaw BC
On a recent visit to Vancouver I visited three yarn stores…I made no purchases and had no project in mind but coming from an area with Walmart as my only choice I was in desperate need  of a hands on fix and “Wool Is not Enough” lived up to their name by not only providing a wonderful varied selection of yarns in various price ranges the owner (?) made me feel very comfortable while I was browsing as did  the  the store itself . Well lit with large windows and warm wooden floors and well displayed product. (In a previous pre-retirement life I spent many years in retail  in   various visual presentation and in store marketing positions.) On completing my very tactile visual tour of the premises during which the person in attendance was very responsive to any questions I had about her merchandise as she tended to her knitting  and let me browse. On completion of my tour I recognized the project she had been working on as a project  I hoped to do sometime in the in the future (the “Pop” blanket from “Tin Can Knits”) and we engaged in what for me was a very stimulating and informative conversation and I was able to pick up some useful
tips about navigating the pattern and practical advise on increasing the size of
of the squares as that is exactly what was happening to the project in the works and my intention when I tackle the project in the future.

If you are looking for more and wool is not enough….visit “Wool Is Not Enough”.
My only regret this was my first stop.  I could have saved my self the trouble of my other visits.

Winnie E.
Burnaby, BC
I love going to this store because Shoshana have been so kind and supportive. I always buy yarns on sale and not ONCE has she ever insulted or belittled me for looking only at the discount section (and the yarns are so awesome!!!!). She even offered great suggestions when my mom ran out of the yarn for her project, and even offered to take them back if my mom got the wrong ones (only if the yarns are unused, which is the standard practice). I only wished I lived closer to this LYS.

Mark O.
Vancouver, BC
Love this store and glad to have it in my neighborhood.
I am always able to find great wool and yarns to satisfy my need to knit. It doesn’t matter if it’s my insatiable need for possum blended yarns,  standard yarn or  something from an artisan wool producer.
The prices are always better than other stores that carry the same product  and there is always something on sale.
It doesn’t matter if I’m looking for yarn or needles, I can always find it at this store. The staff at the shop are always helpful and i have never had any problem with returns or exchanges, the store policies are pretty standard and seem the same as other yarn shops.
Whether it’s an old favorite or something new this store takes care of my knitting needs.

Tori C.
Vancouver BC
My first encounter with Wool Is Not Enough was when Shoshana (lovely owner) first set up shop at Tinsel Town/International Village in one of their booths. Even for a booth, Ms. Shoshana had a very large selection of yarn and other related products for all type of project needs. I had re-acquainted myself with knitting and needed help and even when I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, referring to a “pattern” from the top of my head, she had taken the time and patience to walk me through what I needed and what techniques I could improve on. At one point, she pointed me to her chair and told me to sit down and guided me on pattern.

Since her move to Gastown, I believe that atmosphere and kindness associated with her passion in her art has not dwindled. Ms. Shoshana is focused and very dedicated to helping others find their way in path of the yarn and knit. I have returned several times and even brought a friend with me who is also an avid knitter and not once has the owner ever turned her back to us.

For anyone who is looking for yarn or patterns or just a place to knit, Wool Is Not Enough is your place to go.

Leah P.
I have finally found my yarn store in Vancouver! I found WINE online and decided to order some yarn. I was having a bit of problems with my order and within minutes the owner phoned me to help me with my order. She was really friendly and funny so I decided to check out her store in Gastown.

Her store is awesome! It’s easy to walk to from Waterfront Station and the store has a welcoming ‘home-y’ feel to it. Even though it’s a small store, WINE has a large selection of yarn at reasonable prices. I love the amount of Berroco yarn she supplies and that she sells Knit Picks needles.

I have had nothing but positive experiences with WINE. I agree with Chantal D.: Best yarn store in Vancouver.

Chantal D.
I’ve been knitting for years and, for me, this store is the best in Vancouver. The selection is good and the price comparisons I’ve done so far (on exact brand to brand comparison) has this shop my go-to when starting a new project. It’s convenient, charming and quirky; and although the owner doesn’t walk around with a plastic smile on her face, my experience has been that she is genuine and helpful.

Spiffy O.
Vancouver BC
Wool is not enough is my new staple yarn shop. Being the only yarn shop in the down town core it’s an essential knitters destination. They have a large selection of fibres from my favourites like camel and alpaca to locally spun to bright, and surprisingly nice acrylic blends. The prices are very reasonable per product and I even sometimes find sales on yarn you’d never find anywhere else like some Noro I recently bought for 30% off or something like that. Seriously! Noro! On Sale!  I wish it was open earlier and later but that’s might be my poor planning since they’re totally regular business hours.  Worth checking out.

Eve C.
Vancouver BC
I am so glad by chance I encountered this lovely yarn shop thru a friend. I live downtown and having a yarn shop in the walking distant area totally made my day. From the first time I met Shoshana (the owner), she has been nothing but kind and honest. She offers her advice and opinions and will never force you to buy anything. What more can you ask for?The shop has a decent selection of yarns and there is always new selections coming in. Here you will find many wonderful yarns at a affordable price.
Since first coming here, I have been back many times and will continue to do so because I have had nothing but great service.
I would recommend that you visit this shop for yourself if you are in the area. Give it a chance as it is a gem for knitters living in the area.

Tyra W.
Vancouver BC
I’ve been buying yarn from Wool Is Not Enough since she started selling yarn. The people working there have always been very helpful and honest and the yarn I’ve purchased there has always been high quality and beautiful. The owner is more than willing to give up any information about where each yarn comes from, be it Peru, Japan or the States, she’s very knowledgeable and doesn’t skimp on the details, which always make me feel like I’m getting more out of the experience than just buying yarn.
When picking out yarn for a project she’s is more than willing to give her expert advice on what she knows will work to help me come to a good choice in the end.

I’m surprised that people have had a poor experience because every encounter I’ve had with Wool Is Not Enough has been up beat, knowledgeable, fun and very inviting. I’ve even spend time there just knitting with the workers in their company. One thing I can say is that she’s a very passionate individual with a love of knitting and good quality yarn, that she does her best to source from ethical sources, while keeping her prices at a good price point. Yea, some of the yarn sold there can be expensive, but this isn’t a discount yarn store, this is a quality yarn store. If you are looking for discounted yarn there is a sale section which hosts some pretty good rotating yarns. The Quality vs Price is very good. Everything I’ve made from yarn bought there has been amazing, and really stood up to daily wear.

If you’re in the neighbourhood it’s worth checking out!!

Amanda B.
Vancouver BC
Wool is Not Enough carries a beautiful selection of unusual yarn for great prices. I bought all of the supplies for my knitted Christmas gifts from there this year with great success. When I was in a pinch for a button for a last minute gift, the owner gave me one out of her personal assortment.
My personal favourites include the yarn from Pagewood Farms, which I don’t think is available anywhere else in Vancouver, and the Hand Maiden 4-ply cashmere. This shop is a great addition to complement the other unique independent shops and restaurants in Gastown.

Spencer V.
Richmond BC
What an excellent shop! Excellent customer service, and excellent selection! I will definitely be returning !

Vancouver BC
a great little store, with a surprising amount of yarn for such a wee store! so don’t let the little part fool you, there is lots of yarns inside and cats. 2 friendly well behaved cats, who adore me, of course.
The owner is friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable.
I highly recomend stopping by and supporting this awesome little BIG store.
prices are fair to good, selection is good, and well laid out.

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4 thoughts on “Customer Reviews

  1. Shoshanna is very welcoming and knowledgeable. The quality and variety of yarns are hardly ever found in your LYS. She was very helpful offering suggestions for new projects, and ways to economize on the number of skeins needed. I highly recommend this store to both visitors and locals.

    Ann P.
    Charlottesville, VA

  2. At a recent Knit City I was encouraged to splurge on some luscious expensive yarn. I’m pretty sure it was at the WINE booth. I’m so glad that listened and got that beautiful silk mohair blend. I made on of my favourite and most complimented pieces and all because of Shoshana’s patient encouragement. Thank you.

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