We are open. Yarn 40% to 50% off

Hello friends, we are still open at the store.  Given that it is such a small store with a big open space in the middle, it is relatively easy to maintain a safe distance of 2m apart. Customers are welcome to wait outside for anyone to leave if they are more comfortable. We also have hand sanitizers and wipes to disinfect between customers. As of now I have been open 7 days but I will reassess on Saturday March 28th and post new hours on Google Maps.

The photo is what’s left of my manufactured yarn inventory with a little bit of overstock I think, in the draws. Interestingly, still lots of grey and black in Ultra Alpaca, two greys in Ultra Alpaca Chunky, and charcoal, grey and  black left in Peruvia Quick, all beautiful natural yarns from Berroco. All are at least 40% off. I will now be selecting yarns with lower inventory to be at 50% off. Baskets and needles are also 40% off.
Fleece Artist Handmaiden is now drop shipping any yarns to customers through their stores. Please email me to inquire. shoshanaknits@gmail.com


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