Store Moving Announcement

After almost seven years in the store at 1683 East 13th, I have decided to move the business to Squamish. Many of you know, I moved out of the city three years ago in April. So, with that in mind, I hope you understand my desire to simplify my life and sell yarn from there. Location tbd.

I will miss you all very much, but I will still be able to see you at yarn shows, such as Fibres West, Knit City, Olds Fibre Week, and the Cowichan Fleece and Fibre Festival. I also hope to get to Campbell River and Victoria for shows there, though perhaps not every year.

I will also be working on my online store in future, focusing only on Fleece Artist Handmaiden Yarns. Shows, online sales, and in store sales, really are three different businesses.

My yarn business has always been successful because I am innovative and flexible and this is another chapter in that story. I went from the front window of my friend Stephanie’s store Devil May Wear, to a kiosk, to a live work space in Gastown, to owning my own little bricks and mortar retail space in Vancouver, with yarn show sales. At the same time I bought and built another business with my husband Adam, The Little Big Workshop, making props for film and television with my yarn sale proceeds, which has exceeded all of our expectations, and is still growing.

Since my store is now for lease, If you know of anyone who would like to inquire about it, please give them my email.
I hope to remain open until the end of April, but that may change if someone wants the store sooner.

Following is the graduated clearance pricing scheme going forward. Yes the discounts will increase but the availability of yarn and colours will decrease. As of tomorrow, there will be no returns of yarn. All sales final. The discount scheme will not be moved up, unless a specific yarn quality runs low.

Thank-You for understanding.

Clearance Pricing Scheme:

All regular priced yarns (excluding Fleece Artist Handmaiden) and needles and Big Blue Moma baskets/bracelets

Feb 4th until Feb 15th   10% off
Feb 16th until Feb 29th  20% off
March 3rd until March 13th 30% off (Closed March 15th for Fibres West)
March 18th until March 29th  40% off
April, if still open 50% of regular priced yarns.

Yarns will also be further discounted as numbers dwindle. Some odds and ends may go to 60% off. I will update which yarns are dropping in price on the website.


3 thoughts on “Store Moving Announcement

  1. Good for you. I totally believe in a good work life balance and can see how this move will make that easier for you. I love Fleece Artist yarn so am glad to see I can purchase it from you. I haven’t bought much lately as I got carried away in previous years so 2020 is devoted to stash busting but one never know when you might need that perfect yarn to enhance what you already have. Good luck with the move.

  2. My dearest Shoshana,

    This must have been a difficult decision for you to make. I am going to miss your LYS and wish you the very best in your new journey.

    I will drop by your store before you close and will see you around in a few of the shows mentioned below. So it is not really a goodbye…more of like a new chapter.

    Lots of hugs,


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