Black Friday Sale starts today! Rowan 50% off

Hello friends, Don’t miss out on the Black Friday sale!

Tuesday, Thursday-Sunday! Special hours 1-4 Sunday

All Rowan Yarns 50% off

Kidsilk Haze, Fine Lace, Fazed Tweed, Soft Yak DK, and More!

Berroco yarns 50% off

Fiora,  Mykonos, Corsica  all gorgeous luxury feel yarns!








4 thoughts on “Black Friday Sale starts today! Rowan 50% off

  1. Hi there! Is Rowan Kidsilk Haze on sale? I need the following :-
    7 colours  of Kidsilk Haze were used.
    580 Grace
    590 Pearl
    592 Heavenly
    634 Cream
    642 Ghost
    653 Shadow
    684 Eve Green for the centres

    1. I have 634 and 642, only one ball of ghost. I have some others that may be close to s few of them. Are these all very pale colours? My colours are mostly vibrant, but they had multiple creams/greys/ greens etc. that I may be able to substitute some for. I dont know if the shipping will make it worth your while to only get a couple of your colours, but if you are in Vancouver you could come in and we could see what might work. Cheers

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