Closed This weekend Sept 28. 29th for Knit City!

Chaos ensues!  So all the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. We are sorry to close for the weekend but our lovely helper and stand in Eve is sick, and my other lovely helpers, Becky and  Molly will be with me.

It’s Knit City weekend. Please come see us at the PNE forum, Saturday and Sunday. We will be showcasing the Canadian fine yarn  Handmaiden/Fleeceartist .

Our collection includes, the Wanderlust series, the Canada 150 series, Seasilk, Lino, Maidenhair, Halo Bundle, the ever favorite Casbah, Silk Crepe, Silk Rumple, Cashmere Silk, and more.

We are also pleased to announce the official launch of Rebecca Ward as resident designer. Many of you know her as Knit1 Tea1 on meetup, where she hosts a knitting group that we are privileged to have use our store as it’s home base. Please come by booth number 132, the second both just behind the concession on the North wall of the forum to meet Rebecca and look at her lovely designs in Fleece Artist Handmaiden yarns in person.


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