Can’t get enough of BIG COWLS? Try Tubes instead!

For those of you who just can’t get enough of BIG COWLS, here’s some inspiration from Bulgairan Designer Dukyana, the Mohair Tube, which also allows you to hide those extra holiday pounds. Tubes are so much more versatile than Cowls.


Not only that, if you don’t want to see someone, you can pose as a tree or even a yarn bomb:


and if you are thinking of spring, Dukyana also has some mohair inspiration for those who want to reveal a little bit more, but still have that hand knit look. This Vibrant Green Mohair Set will do the trick:


Go big or go home. As Karen likes to say, my motto is, “You either like it or you don’t!”

I think Becky would look really nice in that green set. It would make the folks at the Lululemoon lab really sit up and take notice. My only problem with the Big Cowl is the colour is too bland.


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