4 thoughts on “Oscar 1997-2015 We love you and miss you terribly.

    • No that’s his superior jerk face and he could be one, especially when his servants weren’t moving fast enough. But he was our jerk face and we loved him. We had to say goodbye to him the night before last and we miss him terribly and had no words yesterday. It was his time but it doesn’t make it much easier, he was always there with me for 18 years.

  1. Angry? Pfft! The translation to the cat’s highly misunderstood, yet clever artful expression: “You need me 24/7…forget the dog. It’s me you want. Yes, I’m talking to you with my eyes. Come over here. I’m too busy relaxing.” Oscar looked so beautiful and obviously adored to bits. Thank you for sharing his lovely picture. He was extremely fortunate to have known you for so long.

    • Thank-You Winnie. They were actually both striking a pose for the photographer that day, like the models we had next door at the time. I found it quite funny, how they liked the camera.

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