Knitted Gifts – Hats

Foxy by Ekaterina Blanchard

Foxy by Ekaterina Blanchard

Our cold weather has us reaching for our knitted hats, and looking for new hats to add to our collection. If you’re looking for a great design for yourself, or for a loved one, the following have caught our eye recently.

Ekaterina Blanchard’s Foxy & Wolfie (Foxy shown above) – Drops Big Merino is a soft and washable yarn

Hillary Smith Callis’ Nola Cloche – pattern can be knit in either a bulky or a worsted weight, Fleece Artist Haley is an idea

Stephen West’s Windschief – hat or cowl, JOMA’s Mashmellow Rino will give you colour and softness

Kate Davies’ Peerie Flooers – we have the called for Rowan Fine Tweed and nearly all of our staff are knitting this joyful burst of colour

Come in and see our collection of Churchmouse patterns, for hats from them we have the Boyfriend Watch Cap, , the Cashmere Beret, Flora’s Cap, and the Pressed Rib Cap & Muffler.

If you need a quick knit how about any hat from the amazing Catena Pattern Booklet and yarn in store.

Modell 3

To start your own hat pattern search, see all of the hat patterns indexed on Ravelry here.


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