Men’s Fashion Week London Knitwear: Seriously








21 thoughts on “Men’s Fashion Week London Knitwear: Seriously

    • I’m thinkin’ I gotta get me some more REALLY Big Yarn if this is the rave at fashion shows in London. Who knew that your man really wants a massive pink lace knit sweater with matching moster mitts and saucer hat like thing.

  1. wow, talented knitters given the size of the pieces and men who definitely deserve some form of reward, or a nice dinner or something for allowing photos to be taken…..sheesh, at least the men in my life can be honest and I am smart enough not to knit things that look like that…..someone on the subway would get beaten up!

  2. Seriously? You call this fashion? No man would be caught wearing any of these in public, unless of course you paid them to do it.

  3. Knowing these looks are meant to be dramatic, mission accomplished! I just love that super bulky yarn, though, would love to make a simple afghan and let the yarn speak for itself. I have yet, though, to find one that chunky, let alone cost the equivalent of a mortgage payment!

  4. Once again the fashion world shows the real world that they don’t care about form and function. They seem to delight in making ridiculous garments that they can sell at outrageous prices that no one in their right mind would ever consider wearing. You can’t even use it for art. What a waste of yarn, time and some nice looking men. What a pity. When so many people are going without so many needful things in their lives these wasteful people are unbelievable!

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