Snow Leopard Trust Hand-spun, Hand-dyed Camel Yarn

Today’s featured new yarn is the Hand-spun Camel from the Snow Leopard Trust

As you know I like Cats, a lot, and yarn that helps save Snow Leopards was just to irresistible to pass up. It’s also gorgeous and affordable, $20.00 for almost 200gm. The balls vary a little in mass as they are a hand made product. It’s about a chunky weight at 200m or so per ball.

I have it in Indigo, Rosewood, Amber, Jade, and Camel, (blue, red, orange, green, natural), but those names don’t do the colours justice. The colours also vary per ball and within balls as it is a hand-dyed product.

Come in and feel these lovely hand crafted balls of yarn, spun and dyed by Nomadic people’ in the Mongolian highlands, who the Snow Leopard Trust works with to conserve the majestic Snow Leopard in its natural range.

I’m going to feature some new in store yarns every day for a while. Tomorrow I will share how much I spoiled my sock knitters this weekend, on my shopping trip.


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